Final Step

Who’d have known
As I look to the sky
An empty canvas of a soul
Cause there’s nothing to hide
The puncture is deep
The pain is spreading in my sleep
It’s one breath too many
As I’m tasting defeat

With a shadow in my hand
A puppet for a heart
It’s no surprise I’m owned
Overtaken and alone
I’d pretend and smile
But it’s too late for me

Shedding tears and telling stories
Knowing inside
There’s not much for me
A grasp for breath, I try to inhale
While clenching a heart that’s been impaled

I keep on reaching for the past
As the moment skids by way too fast
A moment gone to the blink of an eye
A heart on stand still, waiting to die

The pain contained inside my lips
Spreads throughout my fingertips
It tries to numb and take away
But it’s too late for saving

When waiting for nothing
There has to be something
A halt to this decay
The words are a fuse
Absent of a muse
That bleed into the day

A picture that folds
That’s creased over time
Lays forgotten but still there
As this cancer inside
Eats me alive
Im laced with my despair

Hanging on means seeing the end
Letting go gives into pretend
A broken man caught in between
With a heart that breaks seam by seam

As it breaks I’ll grin as well
With one last step into hell


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