Drawing Lines in the Sand

First off the title, Drawing Lines in the Sand, it’s about life. Choosing what you do and don’t deal with and how much you really invest yourself into living.

The lies we tell ourselves, the things we do to throw a curtain over the things that are really going on inside. It makes you wonder about the term “weakness”. Sure, it can be applied to a million different things, but it all comes down to one philosophy: we are only as strong as the amount of pain we allow ourselves to face.

When does “coping” become “running away”? Who says there can be one predetermined method of dealing with loss? Sometimes a loss can strike a blow deep enough to the heart that a person becomes a shell of what they once were.

Does this make them weak? Or does this make them human for feeling?

How can another person judge the loss another is facing? The people who pay the therapists to talk, and no there is absolutely nothing wrong with talking to a professional, but the wrong part of it comes when they start to “tell” you how to feel as opposed to giving you suggestions toward things that can potentially distract the mind.

Crying is like a mixed review; some people view it like it’s pathetic, when in fact it’s the exact opposite. Crying could very well be a symbol to the word passion, ever notice how these same people that critique showing pain are the very ones that are miserable?

I couldn’t tell you where I am going with this. A lot of self-analysis, some consideration towards what others face, and a cold acceptance toward the fact that I don’t think I can overcome that dark gloomy feeling that just kind of shows up when it wants to.

In many ways I prefer being a loner but very much owning the full feeling toward the things I am loyal toward. It beats the alternative of being someone that tries to fill a void with something that simply doesn’t belong.

It’s odd how people second-guess themselves the amount they do. I say it’s odd not due to there being a possibility of doubt, but because the origin of where this second-guessing comes from is rarely one’s own conscience. It’s often times because someone finds a way to knock our mental walls down and create the doubt when it was never there to begin with.

There is a constant reference toward the pride of being an individual, you always see those little things and commercials celebrating how wonderful it is to be your own person, the problem is in these commercials there is often a group all doing the same thing. It’s unrealistic. No, people are not going to gather together do cartwheels and agree on every point of life. That’s not how being an individual works.

The very theme of being an “individual” has been modernized and pissed on. There is no other way to put it. You can’t one moment encourage people to be themselves and then the next moment punish them for this or that or label something from a society standpoint to be “wrong”.

Being an individual comes with the idea that certain things just are and rather then fault someone for something instead you accept it as a part of their being.

The world today supports only one theme: conversion; to follow a set standard and to not stray far from it. If this wasn’t the case there wouldn’t be so many things set as “expectations.”

The many levels of authority dictate what is right and what is wrong. As a matter of fact it has so many people on edge it explains why jobs at most places are so tense and almost impossible to enjoy for everything they could be.

Speaking of authority, I hate it, and not for the juvenile reason of “I don’t like someone telling me what to do!” Nope. Has nothing to do with that. Granted, I don’t like being told what to do, but that is simply a part of life.

My issue with authority is the amount that it’s abused. When someone leads with respect it creates loyalty, when someone leads with ignorance it creates hatred. When you deal with enough authority figures that do it the wrong way it leads to a permanent flaw of expecting authority figures to suck.

So, in a way this is a rant, in a way it’s perception, but ultimately it’s about respect. Respecting yourself, respecting others, people really have forgotten how to do it. People are afraid to speak up for themselves in fear of the disciplinary actions that may follow, this leads to negativity and tension, and then from there it simply spirals out of control.

If you are having questions about how you are living it’s a pretty obvious fact to conclude that you may be avoiding something. Fear can own you or it can simply have a place in your life. Choose the latter, sure, hardships are inevitable, but how you handle them is entirely up to you.


Let me know your thoughts

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