Nothing Left

The taste of loss on my tongue
Like a silhouette of me
At least what I used to be
The poison inside is spreading
I’m spending time regretting
Tears spill across the ground
I’m a shell of what I use to be

It’s a step too many
A word too few
You can look into my eyes
Yet there’s nothing left to do
You can reach into my heart
You can read my scars
It doesn’t change the fact
We are who we are

The dark reaches out in me
There is nothing left for me

My skin is bare and cold
My eyes are fixed and frail
Ten shaking fingers with
Many broken nails
I reach inside for hope
I come out with a string
With every empty promise
It creates another sting

And I’m still breathing
Far beyond believing

Every breath is short
Every sight is fast
The visions in my mind
Are fixated on the past
As you taste my sorrow
That lasts until tomorrow
Will you be there standing
Or will you walk away

The ground is feeling light
These thoughts are of the night
I need a hand to see
As the darkness impairs
I fall beyond despair
You hold on while I break

What’s left of me
What’s meant to be
This puppet that I only see
The memory, it’s taunting me
The hate inside corrupting me
I taste the pain, flood with despair
A soul that breaks beyond repair

Watch me as I break
Watch me and just let me go


2 thoughts on “Nothing Left

  1. I’m not sure ‘like’ is the correct term for this piece. I only hope you do not feel inside the darkness and the hopelessness you express. If you do, you have my pity. But please, remember Pandora’s jar, and what is always left inside.


    • Dark pieces can be liked. The idea of “beauty” is something that can portray an image and create a strong feeling ^^
      As for the internal feelings I have…well some secrets are meant to stay secret…haha Regardless though, thank you for your kind words.



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