Alone is All I am

Bury me
Make believe
Churn this pretend
I can see
I can blend
But I cannot amend
The sins inside
Tears I’ve cried
It’s just gotta be
When living isn’t living
It’s just misery

The past tied to me
Hooks deep in my flesh
It scrapes and it burns
Until nothing is left
Until all you see
Is what’s left of a smile
Coated deep, broken still
The taste of denial

These pains eat me
Strip me down to the bone
Whipping me, breaking me
Until I’m alone
These words won’t matter
They’re caught in the air
Without an ear, just a fear
As my heart begins to tear

If there was something, anything
To bring me alive
I’d crack an eye but remain
Dead inside
This sickness inside
Rots me to the core
I’d tell you the rest but
Can’t take anymore

I can take your hand
With a smile of denial
I can taste the air
The pain and flood of despair
I can take the step
Until there is nothing left
In the end I’m alone
Alone is all that I am


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