I lit the match, how about that
I watched the smoke
Coat the sky with black
I held my breath
For a second chance
Yet was handed a weight
With a final glance

The ash all that’s left behind
Between the rocks and broken dreams
Nothing quite– what it seems
It’s another breath til’ sundown
Yet it seems worlds away

This hole that’s inside
Is stretching my skin
It can’t be patched
I’m breaking again
The weight of a moment
The twist of a smile
The pulse that can’t quit
While choked by denial

It’s the things we can’t grasp
That suffocate the chance to grow
Engraved by the hopeless theme
Who we are will never know


Pain Inside

A puppet to your strings
Blended to be nothing
Reaching for a feeling
Blending hate to something

I can taste the pain
It traces down my lips
For every false promise
Leaves a part of me to miss

The scars that rain inside
The pigment of my pride
The bruises that last forever
And hang me in my sleep

I could reach forever
A hope that’s left detained
As inside breaks apart
And links to all my pain


The dream with no home
The fact I’m alone
It’s a knife in my chest
Without any relieve

I’d try to believe
I’ve been stripped of my needs
The ghost of a smile
Sticks out of my back
I’d try to walk it off
But I’m choking on tears

When the pain is near
A blend of fear
It blends into my skin
I sin, I sin, I sin
Just to fucking hate myself

The bottom of a bottle
The end of a night
The signature of my name
Withdrawing the fight

The tear of a story
The blend of a time
The pain that’s inside
The thing I call mine

Beyond Saving

Can’t catch the time
I’m watching it pass
Just watch it go by
The shadows inside
With all that I hide
Can’t you see the pain
The scar that spreads forever
I would say a prayer
But this won’t get any better

It’s one room, one drink
One cry, I can’t think
I pinch myself to feel
This couldn’t be more real
But the pain inside owns me
Fuck it, there’s nothing left

The toll has ticked
I’m running on empty
I wish there was more to me
My eyes are in denial
The secrets behind the smile
You’d never really know
Until tomorrow I would disappear

With every tear that links to me
The things I could never be
It’s every breath I lost
And the fracture of a memory
Couldn’t you see past it all?
To watch me fade away
I’m holding my breath
But I’m far beyond saving

Light the Fire

I can feel the lashing
It’s skates beneath my skin
With every batted eyelash
I’m traced back to my sin

I can taste the pain
Straining with every step
The loss inside multiplies
Until there is nothing left

I trace the scars across my wrist
Memories a distant kiss
With every stab into my chest
Becomes a time that I miss

Light the fire, drench the well
Lead me to my living hell
While I swallow my pride
I will pass the word I love you

Rip my heart from my chest
I’d spread the word but I’m beyond that
I feel the end caving in
I hate myself until the end