Give Me a Place to Hide

I can taste the poison
It runs along my lips
I can taste the hatred
And pass it in a kiss

I can press the issue
It breaks against my heart
I can be your nightmare
The end and at the start

Feel the pain inside
The rush against the skin
Tell me all your prayers
So the hell can now begin

I can taste the essence
A place to say a wish
An end to all the nightmares
With the blessing of a kiss

Feel the pulse inside
I need you here with me
I need shadows to show me
All the things I need to see

I need a place to hide
All this pride inside
But there is nothing left for me
All the things I reach for
Just a place of make believe

So won’t you call me someone
A thing to hold inside
So I can be that someone
With a place to hide

Give me some place to hide.


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