Beyond Saving

Can’t catch the time
I’m watching it pass
Just watch it go by
The shadows inside
With all that I hide
Can’t you see the pain
The scar that spreads forever
I would say a prayer
But this won’t get any better

It’s one room, one drink
One cry, I can’t think
I pinch myself to feel
This couldn’t be more real
But the pain inside owns me
Fuck it, there’s nothing left

The toll has ticked
I’m running on empty
I wish there was more to me
My eyes are in denial
The secrets behind the smile
You’d never really know
Until tomorrow I would disappear

With every tear that links to me
The things I could never be
It’s every breath I lost
And the fracture of a memory
Couldn’t you see past it all?
To watch me fade away
I’m holding my breath
But I’m far beyond saving


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