Not Meant to Last

Tears caress my cheeks
Planting visions in my mind
The dark inside is spreading
A lust filled dance of agony

With every breath I take
Another stab from hardened fate
This belief lost inside
Wanders, lost, without a home

The weight that’s caving in
Laced inside my bones
Mimicking my every thought
Breaking me while I’m alone

The tension in my eyes
A spider web of lost desire
Held up by what’s left behind
And what’s left behind is me

Yesterday is far away
Today is distant still
It’s the knowing that things fade
That take me here, so far away

Watch me disappear
I’m a silhouette of the past
The ghost of things that couldn’t be
The things that aren’t meant to last

Watch me
There is no turning back from here



The weight keeps on pressing
It keeps the second guessing
It’s the fear that you find
A collage of past times
And the need to be okay

The pain that you can’t blink away
I will face with you today

Inside’s a prison of lost hopes
Beyond things most will ever know
The break inside that’s filled with pride
A heart that beats with endless sigh

Guarded with a need
Yet it has given up on all

I’ll take your hand and lend an ear
When you’re in need, I’ll be near
The constrict of pain may leave a stain
Yet I will see what’s underneath

Time may rob you of endless chance
Living life from a second glance
It may break you and wear you thin
Yet I will stand by anyway

Take a breath, let it rest
It doesn’t have to be this way
A moment we pass, a moment we build
As we take it day to day

Take a moment to see you’re special
Close your eyes and learn to hope

Everything and Nothing

I stopped asking for permission
And started being me
I hung the old with the new
And began to believe

The ropes we climb
The balance we make
The twist of the time
That makes us our fate

The uplifting wind
The chance for new things
Casual perception
With all that life brings

The words that we speak
The things that we feel
The blessing of life
The taint- this is real

The struggles we bind
The problems we face
The good and the bad
The mixture of taste

The chance to believe
The moment to grasp
The hopes that we cherish
And link to the past

The tear that we cry
The shoulder we lean
The mixture of method
Our life one big scene

Take a moment to see
Let your eyes ring the night
Take a moment to feel
Take in this whole sight

It’s the things we fail to recognize
That make us who we are
Shed a tear, make a wish
Become that shooting star

We overlook the obvious
We understate what’s true
We all must keep on living
And do what we must do

With one big breath, smile
Everything and nothing remains
A blessing.


I cast this sheet
To hide what’s dead

I can barely breathe
It’s fine
Not much left for me

The ice spreads
Decaying air
It’s there for me

Immune to taste
For all that couldn’t be

Formulated shadows
The things inside
Things we hide

A whisper
Morphs to a message
Reaching to the willing

Believe a moment
Can spread forever
Watch the sun rise