Footprints in the Sand

I am not a believer of these things
But yesterday I couldn’t help but smile
With each footprint in the sand
Came a tale and a story I could tell another
I just wanted to believe I could be me
And people could see the genuine from the fake

Cause in a world filled with so many faces
Why do so many strive to be so alike
It’s a breath of fresh air to see a change
Cause the repeat of casual needs a new name
And somewhere between we need someone to tell a story
That will strive to make people find and be that change

So put your hand in mind; seek a dare
Cause we can all afford to be different
The unique blend of the real and pretend
Will be the linked ribbon from one heart to another
The valued recipe that makes personality
With the unlisted special ingredient that is you
And by you I mean what makes you different

What’s different is beautiful; it’s never the same
Its the difference that stands out; opposite from the plain
It what takes a place in our memory; and makes us look back
Cause it’s what makes looking back so exciting
So with each print in the sand; and each rift in the wind
Take life’s roulette; hold it close
And give it some force with a gentle spin

Tomorrow may not be exactly as you plan
But with the proper force behind it you can guide it along the way
It’s the knowing that you tried that counts
And the knowledge that with time you can make anything yours.

Let me know your thoughts

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