Everything and Nothing

I stopped asking for permission
And started being me
I hung the old with the new
And began to believe

The ropes we climb
The balance we make
The twist of the time
That makes us our fate

The uplifting wind
The chance for new things
Casual perception
With all that life brings

The words that we speak
The things that we feel
The blessing of life
The taint- this is real

The struggles we bind
The problems we face
The good and the bad
The mixture of taste

The chance to believe
The moment to grasp
The hopes that we cherish
And link to the past

The tear that we cry
The shoulder we lean
The mixture of method
Our life one big scene

Take a moment to see
Let your eyes ring the night
Take a moment to feel
Take in this whole sight

It’s the things we fail to recognize
That make us who we are
Shed a tear, make a wish
Become that shooting star

We overlook the obvious
We understate what’s true
We all must keep on living
And do what we must do

With one big breath, smile
Everything and nothing remains
A blessing.


Let me know your thoughts

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