The weight keeps on pressing
It keeps the second guessing
It’s the fear that you find
A collage of past times
And the need to be okay

The pain that you can’t blink away
I will face with you today

Inside’s a prison of lost hopes
Beyond things most will ever know
The break inside that’s filled with pride
A heart that beats with endless sigh

Guarded with a need
Yet it has given up on all

I’ll take your hand and lend an ear
When you’re in need, I’ll be near
The constrict of pain may leave a stain
Yet I will see what’s underneath

Time may rob you of endless chance
Living life from a second glance
It may break you and wear you thin
Yet I will stand by anyway

Take a breath, let it rest
It doesn’t have to be this way
A moment we pass, a moment we build
As we take it day to day

Take a moment to see you’re special
Close your eyes and learn to hope

Let me know your thoughts

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