Not Meant to Last

Tears caress my cheeks
Planting visions in my mind
The dark inside is spreading
A lust filled dance of agony

With every breath I take
Another stab from hardened fate
This belief lost inside
Wanders, lost, without a home

The weight that’s caving in
Laced inside my bones
Mimicking my every thought
Breaking me while I’m alone

The tension in my eyes
A spider web of lost desire
Held up by what’s left behind
And what’s left behind is me

Yesterday is far away
Today is distant still
It’s the knowing that things fade
That take me here, so far away

Watch me disappear
I’m a silhouette of the past
The ghost of things that couldn’t be
The things that aren’t meant to last

Watch me
There is no turning back from here


4 thoughts on “Not Meant to Last

    • Hello Craig,
      Great to hear from you 🙂 always a compliment in itself to know you are checking out my writing. I’m glad you could relate to it. Hope life has been treating you well. 🙂


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