Story Potential :)

Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worse this asshole does this…Now here I sit watching this repulsive slob, bitching, asking for a sign to live…and don’t get me wrong, I could give him one, but I’m not going to. Actually I will give him a sign…

With a clink a razor blade falls next to the man who is acting like a deranged pregnant woman.

Before you go about calling me mean you would have to take the time to understand a little bit about me, this prick called me here. I did not come from free will, I came because this is my job.

I’m the thing that comes right before someone is about to take their life. I’m a therapist for the soon to be deceased. In my world I’m known as a reaper, in the human world I’m known as something supernatural. I’d give a Wikipedia page to check me out but when are those things ever entirely accurate?

There are many of us, reapers that is, and we work in shifts believe it or not. We’d have to or we would become the very things that we service. It’s a real bitch to hear about…what? Don’t believe me? Imagine that time you listened to a friend complain about life and how after 30 minutes you wanted to duct tape their mouth shut, well, imagine that daily, this damnation is my life.

Don’t feel as bad for the repulsive guy up there now, do you? If you said yes… then chances are I will see you soon.

Day 1365

I began life as a demon, yes, the dark shadow that just enjoyed torturing people. You make one little mistake and this is what you have to look forward to. I go from causing people to pray, to listening to the idiots that are praying, to me, fuck me. You can only imagine the shit I have to listen to:

“I’ve been seeing John for a week and he cheated on me I don’t want to live anymore”
“My parents aren’t buying me a car because I didn’t make honor roll”
“No one loves me…I treat the world like a toilet bowl and no one understands me so to get attention I’m going to paint my nails black and pierce my face 30 different ways”

Die, die, die. They could all fall off a bridge and I would probably do a cartwheel.

I should mention that I don’t do any of the “judging”. The place these people end up whenever they kick off isn’t up to me, I’m merely that little voice of reason that tells them “Hey, you fucked up”. Occasionally I will talk directly to the people, but even doing that is breaking the rules of this gig.

What can I say? Rebel to the end…I didn’t choose this position.

I have to commit myself to 5000 days of this garbage. 5000 days of hearing people bitch, whine, and moan. Then I get to go back to being devil me…and if I’m not the most vicious damn thing in the world after this then I will be the broken fat kid that is getting kicked on the ground. Every day I grow to hate people a little more…I’d blame me for it, but no, people just suck.

You may wonder why I’m writing about a particular day in this 5000 day sentence of mental abuse…and I’m going to tell you, today is the day that I betray everything I’ve existed for, for a woman. Yeah, shut up. I get it, what the fuck is wrong with you, right?

She’s special.

That’s right, I’m going to light a fire under my ass for a mortal woman. Crazy? Absolutely, but that’s what I live for, I live for chaos.

So here I was summoned to listen to yet another whiney fucks lament about life being unfair and that was when it took me by surprise, the most beautiful ‘being’ that I’ve ever run into was looking into a mirror at herself, crying and ready to end it. I can read her thoughts so naturally I knew this….

“I have no reason to push through anymore of this. My family ignores me, the people that are supposed to care are pretend, I’d like to punish them all…make them realize if they chose to gave a shit maybe I wouldn’t have put an end to this miserable fucking life. Why should I do this anymore, why deal with the pain and the sadness, it’s all shit…if there is anything out there that could possible convince me otherwise I don’t know of it.”

The mirror begins to shake a bit and gradually changes color and then something appears….you guessed it, me

“Yet it knows of you.”

Charming right? I’m sure my very appearance shocked the shit out of her, but off the bat lets make it known I’ve been stalking her. Her reaction is about what I expected, she isn’t talking at the moment because she fainted. I’m not doing anything better so I have every intention of waiting. It’s like watching an angel sleep except angels are pricks, she just looks angelic.

After some time passes she begins to stir and I say as calmly as I can…

“After such a speech I didn’t take you for one that would faint.”
“What the hell are you? How are you even here”
“You ask for some convincing and your first questions are how dare I invade your privacy…fucking women.”

And this was the start of a beautiful friendship. Can’t you see it gradually molding together?

“I have to be dreaming, there can’t be a god damn person in the mirror talking to me.”
“If it makes you feel better I can come sit next to you, the mirror just happened to be what you were looking at. Ever wonder what’s looking back at you?”

And with that I vanished. Not forever, not even for very long, but long enough to keep her wondering. The rules that I break here aren’t just preventing a death, but inviting her to understand my world, and that is exactly what I do as I begin to watch over her. Demon turned guardian angel, who would have known?

3 thoughts on “Story Potential :)

    • The challenge with stories are the fact I lose interest in writing them 🙂 haha. They are okay spontaneously but beyond that, actual plotting, just not my style 🙂

      Thank you for checking it out.


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