Walk Away

I’d give up the road
For that chance to hold
This heart’s final blow

It’s just not enough

It’s just not the same
I’m still waiting here
Consumed by my fears

A taste of insanity

It tickles beneath
Life’s long lasting sheath
Out comes the blade
It takes me away

And leaves me dying inside

How could you walk away?
A tear lasts forever
There’s no getting better

When dreams are nightmares
You get lost in a stare
Taken by shadows not there

When you open your eyes
The nightmares are real
And now you can’t feel

There’s nothing that’s left inside

With dreams in the gutter
Hopes strained within
With every false breath

Comes the taste of a sin

I feel so dirty inside
The things I let go
What I’ll never know

It’s that step to the end
The breath of the new
When I’m taken by you
What is there that’s left for me

I taste the hate flood inside
And I just can’t walk away

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