Press On

The fabric of memory
Disillusioned with fate
I’ve reached forever knowing
Counting time as I wait

My skin turns black and blue
The reaction of this pain
A heart turns gray in passing
Left forever stained

It’s knowing one has to keep going

Every breath is mocking
Convinced nothing will come
Inside a stale, broken dream
Uncovered by the nature’s sun

I press deep inside of me
Looking for something to hold
Wandering the darkened tunnels
Of a soul that has turned cold

Yet…still it lives for something

As I turn these corners
The walls around me fade
I’m counting down the seconds
That feel more like days

At the end of this road
I hope to find something
And should it be for nothing
I will fall knowing I tried

One can only wait to see
Whether fate or time will fade or be
For now I will press forward
With a hope to find something

Hold me up while I press on


Let me know your thoughts

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