Mine Again

Lace my heart with false promise
The lies of your words
Whether they’re heard
Have left it forever bruised

When every thought of you
Is a glimpse into the dark
A broken ridge carved in a heart
Some marks are meant to last

To taste the bitter sweet that’s hate

Scars engraved as stories
Tales that one has survived
Reminding that they are alive
Alive with a road to take

Dreams become purpose
With every step feeling frail
With every hope that’s set to sail
There is only moving forward

Leaving worthless things behind

The pools of fire in my eyes
I watch as the world burns
Knowing soon will be your turn
A smile knowing it was earned

Half the man I used to be
As loss pulls thoughts apart
Left standing is my beating heart
Knowing it is mine again

Has never felt so right.

Let me know your thoughts

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