All this pain is clawing
Inside my hopes are falling
A drift that leads to nowhere
Yet I’m seeking for a calling

A tune that makes some sense

The shards of a broken soul
Fade away when past control
This rift of hate deep inside
Has me lost deprived of pride

The chorus ringing deep inside
Shadows shudder, all I hide
And numb away with broken bliss

The poison laced along my lips
It numbs away the pain
As a ghost fades away
I’ll never be the same

The shadows creak inside the mind
And leaves a man walking blind
With a hope to somehow find

An answer to this all

As words taint how I stand
This demon comes alive
As the world breaks in half
Owned by this darker side

Eyes are void of any hope
A heart constricts with pain
I stand a scarecrow to myself
That has lost its name


Let me know your thoughts

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