Close My Eyes

The taste of pain is on my tongue
Memories of all I’ve done
I press the switch and feel decline
And spit on all I think as mine

The rage alive inside my eyes
I’ve severed all my closest ties
Engage the breaking of a soul
I pound the ground and lose control

Stitch together the parts that fell
Internally, I’m living hell

The loss inside is climbing high
Unspoken whispers, misplaced sighs
The dagger deep inside my heart
I smile as it rips apart

Desperation digs inside
Coated by a thousand lies
With each break inside the bone
I’m still standing, all alone

I face my demons with a smile
And paint the image of denial

Screams find shelter in my eyes
The ghosts of past inside a sigh
The pulse inside is fading slow
I’m caught beneath the undertow

The glyphs of hate coat my skin
I’m the living image of a sin
As I burn my broken dream
I rip false hopes seam by seam

With every path that’s left behind
Leaves a broken soul with broken time

A prayer unheard, spoken still
A break segmented in my will
The final push that breaks inside
The shadowed me, the place I hide

As shadows feast upon my soul
Inside meets the pain of cold
As I own the pain inside
With one breath I close my eyes

And remember
I will never forget.


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