In The End

I’ll take the pain
I’ll watch it rip me apart
I’ll feel the hole
Where I once had a heart
I’ll take the time
I’ll put the past behind
I’ll share a smile
While I’m losing my mind

It’s not what you get but how you hang on
The scrapes and bruises at the rise of a dawn

This seething rage
Eats the pure that’s inside
These eyes reflect
All the pain that I hide
A soul is stripped
Laid down, empty and bare
As it dries in the fog
In the middle of nowhere

Shadows bend and play pretend
The moment of now; a past repeating again

As words get caught
They’re carried away
Planting seeds of rumor
That grow by the day
I sketch a story inside
I scribe a fable of time
In hope that someday somewhere
I’ll be able to find

When we lose our way, we lose our place
We forget who we are beyond our face

Stand still, lock the grip
Don’t lose who you are
While the pain’s deep inside
A peace is never too far
Holding on, break the will
Bend a way to break free
In the end things will fall
And left standing I’ll be

Things can break us
Only we can truly ever let go.


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