Still Standing

Blood is turning black inside
A dream is only half alive
Half a heart yet still composed
This emptiness unveils the lie

The sunset in this dream
A lasting hope, unredeemed
A wish half bloomed, barely seen
Left broken, ripping, seam by seam

Angelic whispers trace the air
Yet pain is far beyond repair

These scars trace along my soul
Carving symbols past control
A place once made for a heart
Left in the wind to rip apart

The shreds left of memory
The shadows of myself
A smile of recognition
A pierce that sends me back to hell

It’s the bloom of a painful end
That brings a halt to life’s pretend

The strings attached to broken me
Stitched deep into the bone
Wither in the past’s denial
Leave me standing, strong, alone

It’s not how we pull ourselves back up
It’s the certainty that we do.


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