Lies twist around my tongue
Hatred breathes a lullaby
I’d stop to look at myself
Yet years have stained me

I’m the derailed dream left behind
The shadowed loss one couldn’t find
The withered hope of timid time
The scars of life that make us blind

The shadows haunt the broken soul
Left as a knot beyond repair

I reach inside the darkened cloak
To touch a heart drained of hope
Nightmares hold and hang still
A weight forsaking human will

Dusty trails and darkened tombs
Time that seems to end too soon
The steps we take toward a fate
That leaves us empty with a wait

That dry feeling on the tongue
Of words unspoken yet remembered


2 thoughts on “Unspoken

  1. Sean, thought you might be interested in reading the comments left by Dominic on my post ‘Are Ghosts Real?’ I suggested she read my post (your story) ‘Intervention With A Demon’ then visit your blog.


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