My eyes will pierce the sun
As they trail far beyond
Shadows of doubt; clouding skies
Breaking life’s sweet lullabies

A knot will tie inside of me
The storm inside, what I believe
Will fade inside a crippled stare
And disappear, like never there

At the closing of my eyes

Driven to a darkened hole
From a crack inside our soul
When there’s nothing left to be
What will be left that is me

The strings inside fading black
Caught in time, no looking back

A withered glare
A breath not taken
A broken vow
A life forsaken

A poisoned tear
A broken past
A wound that’s fresh
Hope fading fast

It’s that moment you seek
When breath is taken away
When all that you know
Can fade away in a day

As the icy cold takes a hold
Leaves you broken, past control
Reaching out, yet holding in
This pain won’t last forever.

Let me know your thoughts

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