The strain of shame
Forecasts of pain
Every step’s a mile
And every breath is poison

Looking into empty eyes
Broken from the tender lies
A portal into shadows
That are far beyond repair…

Yet they lead somewhere

A bruised soul, past control
A heart that twists into a hole
I’d stitch it shut today
Yet it reminds me…

Who I am

The need to blend
The hope to see
The scattered ash
Of what was me

Defeat tattooed into my eyes

The wind spreads word
Each step forsaken
The weight that grips
With each breath taken

Strands left behind
Between the scars and the tears
The past and tomorrow
The hope and the fears

The aftermath of broken dreams
Stand as hopes ripped at the seam

This loss latched inside
A splint to the bone
Left behind a shadow
At loss with no home

A shadow that stands for all to see
A puppet stands broken, that puppet is me.



This isn’t as “deep” as some of my writing, a bit more straight-forward, but figured I would post it anyway.


These words are swallowing me
As much as I’d like to believe
The cut is deep, beginning to seethe

I need a way to disappear

The pain inside continues to bleed
With every patch comes a need
A hunger I can never feed

Something I can never have

The strings that pull a mind’s desire
Fall and break, consumed by fire
With every tear a story…

The things we have to leave behind

A breath of change
A space of time
A step toward more
With faith to find

Release of need, a bind with care
Finding what was always there

The breaths that are weightless
Are filled with resign
The one’s that hold weight
Are the problems we climb

Take a moment to see, a moment to mind
The time to believe, without hope or a sign

It’s that moment you open your eyes
And know you can be something more

Step Forward to the Unknown

Tears from a wound not meant to bleed
The fragments of a pain not meant to be
Faith is draped with common cold
A stake sticks from a broken soul

Piercing sense and breaking hope
A loss beyond what one can cope

Window’s to the soul darken past control
I’m reaching for my chest but what I’m feeling is a hole
The cracks inside the mind, the pain that’s there to find
The mutter of a prayer when hope has left me blind

Everything is fading black
A step today, no looking back

I’d reach out to believe
Yet the heart has left my sleeve
The lies that leave you lost
That leave you broken with a need

The night will blend inside
The darkness in the eyes
The taste of everything
That makes one feel alive

Yet silence speaks the loudest

As time engraves a sign
A mark of hope for us to find
The cold will linger there
And paint the portrait of despair

Match the pain with a pace
And just believe….

One step forward to the unknown


Setting hopes where hope could be
I clear the page to think of me
Along the way, what’s in between

The person that was never me

The shade turns bright, revealing light
The gloom will clear by the night
A grin will brace the broken sky

As I stand here, waiting by

Broken shards of misplaced time
Holes inside this hill I climb
Steps that clear the way and find

A way to clear a mind that’s blind

With two eyes clear of fate
A soul will stand and lie in wait
As time will try to break or bend
I’m standing strong until the end

With a glimmer of hope and a spark in the eye
With a breath of fresh air, and release of a sigh

Let go of it all, believe in a way
Believe in a change that can happen today
A few words spoken, a few acts restrained
A seeker that hopes for impossible change

Capture the moment with a heart on the sleeve
And capture the time that you can believe.


The hell that lives behind our eyes
All the words we lock away
Thoughts tied to the deepest points
Of all the things we never say

Shadows twist and snare a time
A memory burned in our mind
Looking back yet sitting still
A wish left at the window sill

Blind intentions, pain not mentioned
A quest for all that’s left behind

Change engraved, what’s left to save?
On this mound of broken dreams
Hope that’s left to drown and bleed
Fueled by tears of endless need

The weight will press into our skin
Life will bind and break with sin
A smile stitched into our face
A heart turns black, with pain it’s laced

The dreams crocheted from start to end
Nightmare’s that stem, some fade, some blend 

With a broken soul and broken hope
At a broken time, it’s what we know
With broken dreams and broken nails
With scattered breaths becoming frail

The rush inside, the press for more
The step we take as comfort soars
The fire that builds deep inside
Reminding us that we’re alive

It’s embracing and knowing with a wait
While sewing patches to a thing called fate.