The hell that lives behind our eyes
All the words we lock away
Thoughts tied to the deepest points
Of all the things we never say

Shadows twist and snare a time
A memory burned in our mind
Looking back yet sitting still
A wish left at the window sill

Blind intentions, pain not mentioned
A quest for all that’s left behind

Change engraved, what’s left to save?
On this mound of broken dreams
Hope that’s left to drown and bleed
Fueled by tears of endless need

The weight will press into our skin
Life will bind and break with sin
A smile stitched into our face
A heart turns black, with pain it’s laced

The dreams crocheted from start to end
Nightmare’s that stem, some fade, some blend 

With a broken soul and broken hope
At a broken time, it’s what we know
With broken dreams and broken nails
With scattered breaths becoming frail

The rush inside, the press for more
The step we take as comfort soars
The fire that builds deep inside
Reminding us that we’re alive

It’s embracing and knowing with a wait
While sewing patches to a thing called fate.


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