Setting hopes where hope could be
I clear the page to think of me
Along the way, what’s in between

The person that was never me

The shade turns bright, revealing light
The gloom will clear by the night
A grin will brace the broken sky

As I stand here, waiting by

Broken shards of misplaced time
Holes inside this hill I climb
Steps that clear the way and find

A way to clear a mind that’s blind

With two eyes clear of fate
A soul will stand and lie in wait
As time will try to break or bend
I’m standing strong until the end

With a glimmer of hope and a spark in the eye
With a breath of fresh air, and release of a sigh

Let go of it all, believe in a way
Believe in a change that can happen today
A few words spoken, a few acts restrained
A seeker that hopes for impossible change

Capture the moment with a heart on the sleeve
And capture the time that you can believe.

Let me know your thoughts

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