Step Forward to the Unknown

Tears from a wound not meant to bleed
The fragments of a pain not meant to be
Faith is draped with common cold
A stake sticks from a broken soul

Piercing sense and breaking hope
A loss beyond what one can cope

Window’s to the soul darken past control
I’m reaching for my chest but what I’m feeling is a hole
The cracks inside the mind, the pain that’s there to find
The mutter of a prayer when hope has left me blind

Everything is fading black
A step today, no looking back

I’d reach out to believe
Yet the heart has left my sleeve
The lies that leave you lost
That leave you broken with a need

The night will blend inside
The darkness in the eyes
The taste of everything
That makes one feel alive

Yet silence speaks the loudest

As time engraves a sign
A mark of hope for us to find
The cold will linger there
And paint the portrait of despair

Match the pain with a pace
And just believe….

One step forward to the unknown

Let me know your thoughts

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