This isn’t as “deep” as some of my writing, a bit more straight-forward, but figured I would post it anyway.


These words are swallowing me
As much as I’d like to believe
The cut is deep, beginning to seethe

I need a way to disappear

The pain inside continues to bleed
With every patch comes a need
A hunger I can never feed

Something I can never have

The strings that pull a mind’s desire
Fall and break, consumed by fire
With every tear a story…

The things we have to leave behind

A breath of change
A space of time
A step toward more
With faith to find

Release of need, a bind with care
Finding what was always there

The breaths that are weightless
Are filled with resign
The one’s that hold weight
Are the problems we climb

Take a moment to see, a moment to mind
The time to believe, without hope or a sign

It’s that moment you open your eyes
And know you can be something more

Let me know your thoughts

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