Nothing Lasts Forever

For every hope abandoned
Came a twisted scar
A rift inside the calm
That’s never very far

For every withheld tear
Came a break inside
The absence of a comfort
The taint from a lie

And pain that’s painted in the eyes

For every breath we hold
Comes the taste of cold
Leaves a splinter ripping
At the chords of our soul

For every time we cherish
Engraves a cut along the heart
For the times we feel dead
To give a place for us to start

Feeling spreads like wildfire

For every moment that we live
Grants the chance to be
For every mark that we make
Becomes a cherished memory

For every time we make a stand
And believe in who we are
Casts a dial in the sun
And shoots a hope inside a star

That fear of being ourself

For every doubt in our mind
For every catch inside our need
Comes the will to grow
And the balance of a creed

For every moment that we see
For every feeling that we feel
Comes the chance to seek
A time that we can heal

It’s time to turn the page

As we step past the obvious
And entertain the thrill of pain
We conquer problems thrown to us
In hope we will remain the same

We learn nothing is forever
Life is full of dark and light
Take a step inside each day
As we brace ourselves for the night

For every moment that we breathe
Is the opportunity to live again.

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