A Breath of Change

Change is carved into our soul
Hopes and dreams take a hold
Every breath feels like tomorrow
Stamped and stained of deeper sorrow

The wounds that rest and wait inside
Hidden, but to us can’t hide
Shades of shame that we tame
All but exhaust us of a name

And leave us leaning, dead inside

Despair laces to the bone
Haunting as we stand alone
This web of thought beyond repair
Stands empty starved of any care

The loss disguised inside the eyes 
The scars that paint who we are

Pain traced to the words we say
Yet they’re spoken anyway
The hymn of hate tied to a smile
A harmony of self-denial

Time spent walking, paving dread
Nightmares chained inside our head
We stand as one, defiant gaze
To watch and wait, to end our days

Forsaken steps, misplaced time
The will that we could never find

It starts with a breath and ends with a sigh
A face-off with life, we stand eye to eye
As weight will gain and push us down
We stand strong and hold our ground

With every breath comes the chance
To create a better tomorrow.

Let me know your thoughts

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