Shifting time in a broken mind
Drawing stops as a final line
Little did we know, what we see
All the little fragments left of me

Passing on control
As the empty grows
The hole that’s left inside
Passes what we know

Changing life in a script
Pain and loss just the half of it

A heart left on concrete
Slowly fills with self defeat
Catch your breath with a need
A wound will need to bleed

While sorrow threads a name
Nothing stays the same
Weigh the words you speak
Own the pain, shift the blame

I’ve been lost all along
And I can’t stop smiling

The ghosts we lock inside
Memories we hide
The keeper to the scars
That ripple inside time

A reaper to a bruise
With nothing left to lose
Where pain shows resilience
To the things we choose

And I can’t look away
I was built this way

Every breath we swallow
In a life this hollow
Aiding what we see
That this everything is me

That this everything is me
And I will wait to see

I will wait to see what’s beneath it all.


Lost in the Balance

Taste the loss
The scald of a soul
Bruised past control
Yet left forgotten

Ponder while broken
Words never spoken
As the warmth inside
Becomes a false token

Of familiar times

The scars that become
Hidden by skin
Beneath the outline
Sin after sin…

Stable and scattered
Pain that will flatter
The ghost of a time
That seemed to have mattered

Hangs lost in the balance

Nightmares in the eyes
Things we despise
Yet hidden inside
Lie after lie…

The face that we wear
Emotions left snared
Trying to hold
Yet barely aware

Concealed in our breaths

The splinter of hope
The worshipped divide
Things that we cherish
And things that we hide

The grasp that we feel
In hope that we heal
Where a step is a mile
For the fate that we seal

Where a moment lasts forever


Forever is make believe
Things we carve into our sleeve
Things we wrap our heart around
The in between and things we found

Desperate clench inside my breath
The poison in my eyes
The blessing tied to this pain
The damage that I hide

Hit me with all that you’ve got
Let what remains be my soul

The shadow of a former fate
Leaves me broken in a state
Drown by words in a wait

What is real? What is fake?

With every empty footprint
I trail empty dreams
Laced with pretend smiles
Where nothing’s what it seems

This voice inside says let go
As a menace I say no

With brittle thoughts
Far past repair
A crippled heart
Without a care

Neglect that’s laced
Inside the vein
The haunting whisper
That’s my name

I thread this needle of a chance
And watch life wither at a glance

The End to the Night

With all these scattered dreams
Nothing what it seems
Yet all the things I’ve seen
Seem caught up in between

This edge inside of me
The darkness that I see
When all that I will be
Releases from its sheath

A night of twists and promise
A breath away from everything

This leech of life inside
A fight I keep alive
With every breath a sigh
A step toward something new

I rip you off my sleeve
My heart knows what it needs
And while this wound will bleed
I’m breaking through it all

That pain inside that comes awake
Darkened shape that become fate

The clamp that’s on my chest
It never lets me rest
While inside is a mess
My outsides looking fresh

The tears that will descend
That seek some kind of end
The thought of knowing when
Things can be okay again

Every start will share an end
Blends of truth and pretend

And every end will shed some light
And call the end to the night


Tips of despair thread to my hair
As drapes to my eyes
I find myself hypnotized

A world coated in fine-anguish

The break inside, a rift I hide
For each fragmented hope
The inability to cope

In time plagued with disease

A pit of pain, it breaks the sane
The ghost of a smile
That hides the denial

That brings me to my knees

The taste of loss, without cost
The taint held to my name
The sigil to my shame

There is no hiding it

The mold of time, a broken mind
A step into a final time
As we draw the final line

I wish this all away