Forever is make believe
Things we carve into our sleeve
Things we wrap our heart around
The in between and things we found

Desperate clench inside my breath
The poison in my eyes
The blessing tied to this pain
The damage that I hide

Hit me with all that you’ve got
Let what remains be my soul

The shadow of a former fate
Leaves me broken in a state
Drown by words in a wait

What is real? What is fake?

With every empty footprint
I trail empty dreams
Laced with pretend smiles
Where nothing’s what it seems

This voice inside says let go
As a menace I say no

With brittle thoughts
Far past repair
A crippled heart
Without a care

Neglect that’s laced
Inside the vein
The haunting whisper
That’s my name

I thread this needle of a chance
And watch life wither at a glance

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