Lost in the Balance

Taste the loss
The scald of a soul
Bruised past control
Yet left forgotten

Ponder while broken
Words never spoken
As the warmth inside
Becomes a false token

Of familiar times

The scars that become
Hidden by skin
Beneath the outline
Sin after sin…

Stable and scattered
Pain that will flatter
The ghost of a time
That seemed to have mattered

Hangs lost in the balance

Nightmares in the eyes
Things we despise
Yet hidden inside
Lie after lie…

The face that we wear
Emotions left snared
Trying to hold
Yet barely aware

Concealed in our breaths

The splinter of hope
The worshipped divide
Things that we cherish
And things that we hide

The grasp that we feel
In hope that we heal
Where a step is a mile
For the fate that we seal

Where a moment lasts forever


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