Living For Tomorrow

As tears turn to ash
The pain never lasts
Let it take my hand
Fold away the dark past

The moment you taste
That ends all the chase
Where hopes become true
And light up the face

Time mixed with desire
As feelings soar higher
The night becomes day
As minutes transpire

The breath of fresh air
The stitch to the tear
Each step that we take
With a genuine care

It’s living in the moment
That allows us to live for tomorrow


Fade Away With a Grin

I’m patching up my soul
This silence is a hole
I tell myself to look away
Before my hand will fold

The bind is getting thick
The heart is getting sick
The trails in these eyes
Are void, lost in abyss

The chain breaks that has you bound
Left as a ghost, forgotten now

Dreams are drenched with despair
Breathing cold from the air
The silence of a moment spreads
As voices plague and tear

Burden stamps the broken mind
Empty whisper, threads of time
It leaves me walking, still inside
As things pass without a sign

The ghosts of yesterday
Forgotten as if never there

Every breath a false start
As exhaust makes it’s mark
Sewing up the shadows left
A broke and bleeding heart

Carve the whispers in my soul
sacrifice this stand as toll
The gateway leading to my hell
As ignorance becomes control

In a trance under a spell
From everything I couldn’t have

Crossroads left without a voice
Undeserving of a choice
Every step echoes defeat
Desires that we never meet

Shattered fragments smashed inside
True intentions that we hide
With my back against the wall
Reaching for all that’s denied

Moments that are meant to be
And everything in between

The cold chill tied to the eyes
Exposure to the darkest lies
The road we take to survive
And what becomes deep inside

Ice laces deep within
The cold inside, warmth getting thin
I close my eyes to embrace

And fade away with a grin

Something More

The ground beneath my feet
Shrivels in my sleep
The more I try to walk
The more the pain will seep

The poison in my mind
Broken faith to blind
Leaves behind a peace
That I can never find

And what can’t be found
Leaves us broken and bound

The script that’s in my head
Has a hope that’s bled
I try to save my soul
But forsake it instead

Prayers on my knees
The pain that I see
Shattered little fragments
Of what is left of me

Picking up the pieces
Yet I’m left defeated

The air tastes like a knife
With each tiring breath
I remind myself to fight

I remind myself to see
This all leads to something more


The rip inside the seam
Where hope becomes belief
The wear and tear inside
Makes me feel alive

Each breath is exhausting
Silent roads we’re crossing

Set towards fate’s desire
Pulling strings, climbing higher
Each step feels like forever
As life’s burning in a fire

Silhouettes in the eyes
Dancing to the tune of lies
As we’re walking blind
Seeking for the truth inside

It makes you need to believe
A need to find needs

Shadows decorate my past
The things that couldn’t last
Captured in a moment
And gone just as fast

The glimmer of a start
The fresh breath of a heart
When you put together pieces
That were ripped apart

The shadows slowly strip away
And bring a new light to the day