Twists of Time

Remnants of the past
Scattered, withered ashes
Things that couldn’t last
And things chosen not to be
Silhouettes haunt my thought
And tease with the what if’s

Mirrored moments, tied to me
Straining all I try to see

A tranquil emptiness
Threads inside a dream
Shadowing every step
Stitched seam after seam
Moisture on the brow
A sanity’s mercy on display

With every breath inhaled
Comes the chance for another

Clutching at the cornerstone
With nothing left to hide
A smile painted on my face
A dare stamped in my eyes
Inviting the unwelcome
Nothing can touch me now

Chaos forged around the soul
Lays, all forgotten now

A fixation on the sun
As it falls beneath the cloud
Chills race up my spine
The familiar scent of yesterday
The welcoming of tomorrow
Unfolds in a matter of moments

And twists inside a shade
A constant twist of time.



The twilight of thought
Clouded by judgment
The inevitable becoming
As ghosts fade to nothing

Yesterdays past-tense

Recycled mistakes
Scars strain the mind
A smile filled with emptiness
Crafts the eyes of all forgotten

Words coiled with deceit
A victimless step
As horizons become stale
Hopes struggle to survive

Destiny takes off its mask

A taste that tenses inside
Reminding of familiar things
Pride once worn on the sleeve
Wears down to shame moments later

Steps mimic the hollow
Aftermath of exhaustion
Carving stories in the rain
Tears blend in nature’s promise

Dark skies tranquil kiss

Guided by instinct
These eyes may have no home
This heart may lay empty
The fire inside is very alive

The bloom of a new moon
Carries the whisper of unknown
A gentle, calm reminder

This fire may last forever

Tunnel Vision

You broke me down
And held me down
Scrapes of sanity
Escaping every breath

Eyes tainted
A shade of nightmare
Pupils of despair
Staring out for hope

Tunnel vision, they say

Shadows my familiar
That grips me to ground
The change of scenery
Molds them to acceptance

The adrenaline rush
Floods of anxiety
A peak of happiness
The never ending blend

The composition we call life