Loss adrift
Broken bliss

Lost inside
Yet alive

Cold ensnares
Empty air

In defeat

Empty still
Without will

Fade away
Now, today


What Once Held a Name

A mind stale and broken
Set on sinister dial
Hopes have all uprooted
At the curve of my smile

Eyes absent of care
With the twist of a tear
Inside a hollow whisper
Casts the message of fear

Each breath a lesson
Engraved with a chain
Each hope stranded broken
Leaves a ghost of the pain

Loss sinks its teeth into me
Yet I’m already there

A search for mercy
Directs an empty road
Unveils a splintered back
That couldn’t handle the load

A wish for something
A craft that’s sincere
Words casting lullaby
For rest to be near

The cold will spread
Ice will cast on my heart
Shadows will spread
As it’s broken apart

Yet I already knew
The break is refreshing

Betrayal lines a dream
Comfort’s misguided hand
A silhouette leans
Too tired to stand

A soul lays derailed
Past a chance for a change
Left littered as fragments
Of what once held a name

Fade Within Fate

Inside a brand of hollow
Words confined and bound
Pain too much to swallow
I’m all forgotten now

Each breath a breaking point
The tie inside my throat
A grasp without release
From the tears as they choke

A heart left split in half
Stains the world it knows

This collage of emptiness
Spreads inside of me
And every empty step
Is reminded as I breathe

Crouching in the corner
My back against the wall
Every passing moment
I’m breaking to a crawl

The loss inside steadies still
Invoking poison of my will

My eyes are heavy
I can’t look away
This same reflection
Haunts even this day

I try to stand
As my insides break
I wish away
And fade within fate

I wish away
Yet it’s dug too deep


Empty footsteps
Hollow to the core
Inside I’m dying
I can’t feel anymore

Threaded whispers
Tainted by the past
Inside is broken
Light is fading away fast

Nothing in me can believe
Hope is left to strain and seize

Tomorrow creeping
It rips me apart
The shadows rising
The break in my heart

Forget to breathe
What’s worn on the sleeve
Becomes a need
That makes or breaks me

The tears that fall, rivers time
The story I can claim as mine

This poison inside
Spreads to my eyes
This shade of pain
A grief I can’t hide

When a moment can break
The feeling of place
You live for solution
To the problems you face

As tears run with hardened ache
Time decays as folds of fate

In search for answers, a constant wait
And the need to have you by my side.