Empty footsteps
Hollow to the core
Inside I’m dying
I can’t feel anymore

Threaded whispers
Tainted by the past
Inside is broken
Light is fading away fast

Nothing in me can believe
Hope is left to strain and seize

Tomorrow creeping
It rips me apart
The shadows rising
The break in my heart

Forget to breathe
What’s worn on the sleeve
Becomes a need
That makes or breaks me

The tears that fall, rivers time
The story I can claim as mine

This poison inside
Spreads to my eyes
This shade of pain
A grief I can’t hide

When a moment can break
The feeling of place
You live for solution
To the problems you face

As tears run with hardened ache
Time decays as folds of fate

In search for answers, a constant wait
And the need to have you by my side.

Let me know your thoughts

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