What Once Held a Name

A mind stale and broken
Set on sinister dial
Hopes have all uprooted
At the curve of my smile

Eyes absent of care
With the twist of a tear
Inside a hollow whisper
Casts the message of fear

Each breath a lesson
Engraved with a chain
Each hope stranded broken
Leaves a ghost of the pain

Loss sinks its teeth into me
Yet I’m already there

A search for mercy
Directs an empty road
Unveils a splintered back
That couldn’t handle the load

A wish for something
A craft that’s sincere
Words casting lullaby
For rest to be near

The cold will spread
Ice will cast on my heart
Shadows will spread
As it’s broken apart

Yet I already knew
The break is refreshing

Betrayal lines a dream
Comfort’s misguided hand
A silhouette leans
Too tired to stand

A soul lays derailed
Past a chance for a change
Left littered as fragments
Of what once held a name


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