A Reaper Of Misguided Time

The emptiest whispers
Cast the greatest shadows
They wrap inside the mind
Haunting a soul for hours

Insecurity spreads like fire
A poison without cure
This flame is set to burn
I’d know, it lasts a while

Nature’s fine design
A road in firm decline

And so it begins…

Eyes tainted, unforgiving
A heart, tired of living
The refusal to give in
With a hymn of discipline

Carving stories to a stone
For when I am alone
Looking back to see
That I did this once before

The loss is paralyzing
Yet, I find the time to breathe

Each step spreads a message
Each day a symbol made
Each day I try to live
It’s one life I try to save

As darkness spreads around me
It ties me in a knot
Memories are what remain
The thoughts we have forgot

You are the prayer to my thoughts
The drive that pushes me

Two eyes may ache forever
Watching all that shouldn’t be
Standing by with a hope
For a chance to believe

Until that moment makes way
As time takes me apart
The drive inside will burn
As I hold you in my heart

As darkness overcomes me
Loss stains my every step

I stand, a reaper of misguided time


Let me know your thoughts

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