Misery sews patterns
Defeat’s varied design
Granting birth to fight
A strength that we find

Misfortune is a wound
A splinter of the mind
Expiration is eventual
It breaks away with time

Benefits a blessing
Found along the way
Every darkened corner
Finds the light of day

Chance, a risk we own
A step will symbolize
Movement is a growth
Not measured by a size

Ache exists within
It’s a common face
No matter who we are
Inside it has a place

Difference is a curse
It holds a common ground
Seeking understanding
With an unfamiliar sound

See past what we know
Listen with an open ear
Cast the blame aside
Lets put away the fear

Different walks of life
Prevent the holding of our hands
Lets not over-reach
To take a step, lets learn to stand

Together….with maybe hatred on the mind
Together stands as hope…

Never knowing what will find


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