About Me


My name is Sean Monaghan and in short,Β I’m a poet, professional writer, and cursed with the concept of deep thought. I like to analyze just about anything, I act on impulse most times when emotions are involved, otherwise I’m very driven by the factors of common sense.


I’ve been writing poetry since the age of 14 and it is strictly hobby. I’ve toyed around with novels, but I find that I get bored with them. For work I write articles ranging from business to academic needs and several options in between.


I used to run a paid-blog, but due to the large amount of time it was eating in my life I gave it up. I recently brought this back to life on account of the fact that I find that there are no solid writing communities. I became a part of writerscarnival for a while, but the administration there is borderline nazi-campish and it got tiring to deal with.


This blog is going to be a place for me to promote my poetry, write about some amusing things in life, and maybe even promote others artwork in coordination with my writing. I tend to write on the darker side, and some images simply fit with my writing. That being the case, I will always give proper credit to the artist that I match up with my writing.


I would love to build a community around my writing and get feedback and opinions on anything that I do put together. Check in with me frequently because I intend to gradually build this site back up. At the moment it is a bit sloppy, but I haven’t worked on it for almost 2 years, so bear with me.



31 thoughts on “About Me

    • Amanda,
      Thank you very much πŸ™‚ I appreciate the kind words. I looked over a few of your posts and found them to be quite amusing as well. I will continue to check into your writing as well. About to begin another exciting day of writing. When you write for hobby as well as work it can be very difficult to keep up with, haha.
      Keep in touch.


  1. Sean! I am exactly the same…I am very analytic (particularly when discussing films and literature)..but it is not a curse! Be thankful that you have the propensity to see things/look at things in a different light that others simply take for granted..:)


    • Ah…it can be a curse though, it is a gift in the sense that we have deeper insight toward things, we can appreciate things on a different level that others can’t grasp, but while this applies to positive things, it does to negative moments as well. It intensifies, which in its own right can be a damn nightmare πŸ™‚ Thanks for dropping in.
      What kind of films are you into?


      • If you insist…:)
        What films? Well, anything really. Depending on my mood. However, if I am after a film that provokes discussion, I will go for something that is not mainstream/big movie production…These are the ones that grab my attention.


      • Fair enough, once and a while I will go on a foreign film hunt looking for something that is interesting. There are a few out there, Oldboy was great even though there was a remake of it. The original ‘Let me in’ was incredible, probably one of the best vampire films ever put together.


      • Oh cool! I’ll have to take a look into those…Yes! I love foreign films most likely because they offer a certain uniqueness that mainstream lacks! Thank you, interested to see now.


  2. Great to meet a fellow blogger who shares a passion for writing. Are you a member of Linked In? There are several writing groups on the site that encourage writers to share feedback. Sean, thanks for visiting and following my blog.


  3. Many of your writings remind me of Poe, who is my all-time favorite author. Thanks for stopping by my blog; I look forward to seeing your writings in my feed.

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    • Thank you very much…I try. A lot of the writing I post here here meant to be pleasure reads with a hope for people to be able to identify and feel the things I’m writing about.
      When I’m targeting a topic I try to make it something that people can relate to in one way or another. It’s interesting how a poem has an infinite number of ways of being interpreted.

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      • I agree. I believe the poem or story could have a different meaning to someone because of their place, age and life lessons learned. This is what make writing entertaining.


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