Our Nature to Believe

It’s our nature to be condemned
Our nature to lose our voice
And forget about who we are

It’s our nature to pretend
Our nature to wear masks
When people are so unaccepting

It’s our nature to resist
Our nature to casts words
With actions to create a voice

It’s our nature to lose our way
Our nature to get lost
Yet find our way in the end

We speak in riddles
Emotions trap us
Fear confines us
Insecurity is our splinter

Yet in the darkest time

We believe in ourselves
Believe we can break
The overthrow of conflict

We believe enough to stand
Believe that standing tall
Sends a message of survival

We believe in holding on
Believe in casting a grip
A quest to see things to their end
We survive in being broken

Stitching our wounds
Mending our thoughts
Breathing gains with losses
An exchange defining balance

It’s our nature to press forward
We believe with each step
We can cast change with hopeful wish

Things can heal and become something more



Eyes crafted
Made of glass
Lost in the past

Breathing aches
Yet awake
Reach ahead
A grasp for fate


Smiles spread
Grins alive
Things we hide

Faces painted
Hanging on
We wear a sheath

Holding on…

Sparking life
Fires spread
Shadows grow
Ties of dread

Pressing down
Kill the pain
Pass the frown


Standing tall
Wind behind
Clouds a spread
Of faith we climb

Breathing steady
Paths led
I stand alive
With word to spread


Misery sews patterns
Defeat’s varied design
Granting birth to fight
A strength that we find

Misfortune is a wound
A splinter of the mind
Expiration is eventual
It breaks away with time

Benefits a blessing
Found along the way
Every darkened corner
Finds the light of day

Chance, a risk we own
A step will symbolize
Movement is a growth
Not measured by a size

Ache exists within
It’s a common face
No matter who we are
Inside it has a place

Difference is a curse
It holds a common ground
Seeking understanding
With an unfamiliar sound

See past what we know
Listen with an open ear
Cast the blame aside
Lets put away the fear

Different walks of life
Prevent the holding of our hands
Lets not over-reach
To take a step, lets learn to stand

Together….with maybe hatred on the mind
Together stands as hope…

Never knowing what will find


Inside a pool of loss
Stitched in varied shade
Losing count of the costs
And the hopes as they caved

Grief, a skin I wear
With a taste for despair
I can’t seem to get away
Shadows wait, forever there

Eyes strain, wide-awake
Every breath I forsake
Worn smiles spread
While sewing thread to a fate

Holding on, I lie in wait
Carving holes inside of hate
I’m pressing on for more
As I clean a dirty slate

It’s that one step toward something new
Where breathing feels easy again.


I’ll smile, in denial
Let this feeling in
I couldn’t feel more alive
Then when I let this go

Charade of broken tales
Stuttered words, chipped nails
Standing tall a memory

As hopes are setting sail

The poison in my eyes
Leaving trails, coffin nails
To things buried yesterday

A fire stirs inside…

The prison of my mind
Speaking unfamiliar times
The shadow of myself
Is lost but there to find

Shadows twist inside
Feeling more and more alive
When you truly face yourself
There is nothing left to hide

Clearing cobwebs of the past
A living hell that didn’t last
Scars are left behind
And pushed away just as fast

With a final breath
Loss is locked away
And with a final step

I let it go.

I let it go to live again.