A Hope to Guide


I can’t find the words
Hidden, lost, astray
The past a hymn of thoughts
Things I never got to say

The feelings twist inside
A noose around my heart
The darkness to a time
That never got to start

I’d walk a broken path
To pave a kind of way
Making sense of lost time
To grant the best today

I’d stare choice in the eye
And force fate to the nail
I’d chip away all that’s me
To grant the chance for hope to sail

I watch you as you sleep
I’m never very far
In a life of mystery
You are my shooting star

I count the moments
And trace the time
In every day with hope to find
A place to lead you
A hope to guide

And be the strength at your back
Should you ever need a hand


Another’s Dream


Image from: www.glogster.com

Another’s Dream 

I engraved our names
In a stone today
Just in case another time
We choose to lose our way

In case we forget our promise
Or just to remind, care
I’ll be here to hold you
If you promise to be there

All I ever wanted
Was for you to see
That nothing can take away
What’s shared of you and me

You are the special fragment
The other half of me
And without that other half
What is there left to be?

I shed a tear today
A collection that we dream
A story that we make
that we craft seam to seam

I never have to question
It’s just what’s meant to be
A moment frozen in your eyes
Reflecting you and me

Just never look away
Let this bond last today
For the tomorrow’s that follow
Let life flow inside these veins

We share another’s dream
One we can share forever
As long as we hold each other
And promise to never let go

Reflection of the Sea



A few words; twisted charade
A chandelier of twisted spades
A crystal’s reflection; the possibilities
Those few steps that could change the world

Or the few not taken to watch it fall apart

Like an hourglass that’s been tainted
If I had the time, I’d watch
Forgiving moments I forgot to see
It’s the splinter in our eyes

The opportunities, the compromise
It’s because we care
The blanket of security we grant
A universal symbol of bond

I’d walk the earth to find you
But you were always right in front of me
The bandage on my hearts, undone

And you’ve seemed to mend the wounds

The bleeding’s stopped
Just scars and stories
And the never-ending reminder of you

The absence of just someone there
Each sunrise a plain reminder
The reflection of the sea

Somewhere out there it’s you waiting
And at some time, will be

So cross your heart, each step I take
Is another step closer to you
And I will search the earth forever
Just to make this embrace real

The Other Side


I keep pretending to be
Yet I fear the end is near
With each second I’m really me
The cracks shine beneath the surface
With a deep breath I reconcile
And let the shadows bend my eyes

I’ve led you this far, this long
Have you really not seen me all along?

Like a familiar tune, a well-liked song
All linked with that need, to belong
It’s been 5 years what’s another ten
The familiar scents I place around you
Just to remind you i’ll never forget

I’d count the minutes, but they are in demand
It never feels like we have enough time together
Cause when you can cast a shadow on the problems we faced
The nobel loyalty; it’s such a special place
The single one that linked my heart;
Granting belief to to something I never believed in

The strong pretend of its possibility
I fear my dear it’s too late for me
Find the rose on the table I left for you
To remind you what we had

You may claim you never knew me;
At this point there is no way to know
So show me the door as you always have
And let the whispers creep along your neck

I will guide you as I can; until I am able to move on
It is not like I have a choice anymore
I will wait forever; cause I’m bound inside
This house, my final link from the other side

Signed with love forever, a love i’ll never hide
Signed forever yours, your husband that has died.