Summer’s Song


Title: Summer’s Song
As my skin pulled apart
Tar dripped from my veins
Beneath it all; a soiled heart
Laced with a story of my pains

With eyes sewn shut to brace the light
I count my breaths to realize
The air I see, It isn’t me
It’s my soul; drifting with the butterflies

I watched my shadow drift
Side to side
It reminded me of childhood
The absence of a solid care
Cause innocence is a bond we share

The thought that was captured morphed to a tear
Caught with the fact that the end was near
But staying strong meant holding still
Counting time by the window sill

Values showed along my sleeve
It was part of being me
Turning my shoulder to darkened times
Taking love when it was there to find

Cause each breath gave another moment with you
And by you I mean those that made the next day worth it all

Cause when it all comes crashing down
I’ll take the weight as though it was nothing
Cause the extra time with you
Meant another dream I got to see the end of

And for the time’s I miss with you
I’ll be the wind at your back; watching
Guiding you along; like a breeze; summer’s song




Title: Pulse

I sat along your bedside;
I felt your feigning pulse
I heard them read predictions
While hoping they were false

I watched you drift away
A victim of life’s frailty
I wished to offer answers;
But could only offer me

I held your hand with mine
The warmth between the two
Watching the day whisk away
Behind the different shades of blue

I caught your eyes
To insure care
To let you know
That I was there

I would be, until the end

Cause it’s the essence of a moment
Time can change the pace
And I wouldn’t want to be alone
With the end to face

The shadows of the other side
Tickled the blankets, prophesied

Cause the end of the road;
The uncaught fate
The moment in brush;
Just lying in wait

The card that would play no matter the plan
Cause some things are just meant to be

Strength isn’t how hard you fight;
It’s embracing what kept the day through the nights
So as you breathe remember me

Cause I’ll walk with you to that gate

Stare our maker in the eye;
Until your final embrace
And then the peace; the quiet
The lay that surpasses the land

I will wait along your side
As the pulse fades from your hand.