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If you would like to reach out and contact me directly feel free to email me at my personal email which is:


I am going to be moving a lot of my written work back over the course of the next month, so expect to see some fairly deep and interesting writing.


If you would like to employ my services for writing needs feel free to reach me at the e mail above.


8 thoughts on “Contact Me

    • Hey Craig,
      Great to see you stopping in. Appreciate it. I’m still getting a feel for the whole blog layout, I used to host a blog through iPage and used a bunch of different plugins. This is entirely different so gradually getting a feel for it.
      Hope all is well with you and definitely check in once and a while your opinions are always appreciated.


  1. Hey Sean, this is a great setup you have here! I really enjoyed your latest blog about the Paranormal. I agree about the Ghost Hunters going downhill. I love all of the other shows you mentioned. What I love about Paranormal Witness & A Haunting, is that you have real people telling their stories. The creepy music and narrator guy adds to the effect as well! It takes me back to the old Unsolved Mysteries hosted by Robert Stack. Loved that show’s ghost stories! But, I am not so sure orbs can be dismissed that easily, only because of my own personal experience involving a prom dress of mine and a digital camera. 3 witnesses were there to help me debunk it, and frankly, dust specs just could not explain what we saw. Gonna continue exploring this site. Keep up the good work! MJ 😉


    • Hello Mary,
      Great of you to drop in 🙂 it isn’t so much that I dismiss orbs entirely, but more so the fact that they are something that can be explained and caused from a number of different things, which causes a lot of interpretation errors.
      Old unsolved mysteries is classic I was very young at the time, but I do recall it being entertaining.
      Real people and stories are def. the best way to go, credibility is key. The more believable the person, the better the story.


  2. hey sean, your website is a great read. we have just started to follow your blog and your twitter. will you check out our site , hopefully you will like it and add us to the ‘Blogs I Follow’ section at the bottom of your page


    • Mark,
      Thanks for checking it out. Good to know im providing some amusement. Ill definitely check the site out the next time i jump online, which should be tomorrow sometime. Have a great night!


  3. Hey sean this website is fantastic… i’m a firm believer in all things supernatural i’ve experienced many things in my life but the worst is my current house, we too get very large bangs and foot steps, we even get something shushing very loud in my children’s bedroom i’ve had mediums at the house and still no wiser to what it wants.. safe to say I can’t wait to move this week, and I agree people have to experience this sort of thing for themselves to be able to believe 🙂


    • Hey Claire,
      Thank you very much for your support 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy my site. I took a post down for a bit but you will relate to this story very much, it is my own personal experience with all that:

      I find that it is easy to find paranormal things as pricks to curiosity but definitely, unless you experience them for yourselves, it’s going completely with what the television highlights as a haunting. The real experience can be quite scary. I should mention that a lot of times those things have a kind of feeling about them such as if it’s malevolent you are more likely to feel fear whereas if it’s something harmless it won’t have as much of an oppressive feel to it. I’ve actually spoken with quite a few people in the UK when I was experiencing my own situation.

      Feel free to reach out to me directly should you have any questions regarding that subject or even just to say hello, my email is

      Hope you have a great day.


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