Song of Acceptance

Scars set trails
Of an empty place
A tease to a mind
That hides its face

Twisted thoughts
With poisoned hopes
Each step reveals
At loss to cope

Steps feel plain
Inside is torn
Shadows inside
Since I was born

The mask is fresh
Was made today
Sitting alone
I can put it away

To sell ourselves
To chase the care
Betray ourselves
For someone there

The mark that bends
For our pretend
We lose ourselves
To seek a friend

Arrives the day
We come awake
Light will shine
No longer fake

Own ourselves
Learn to believe
One single step with
A heart on the sleeve

Nothing matters more
Then accepting who you are



The wound inside
A patch of time
A darkened void
Grasping forever

As forever holds on

Twist me
A tie of loss
Stranded still
Unforgiving ache

Ache tied with forever

Living nightmare
Lace my eyes
Breaking soul
Rip me apart

Break me forever


Inside’s a coat of hate
A list of broken fate
Cast out from my eyes
Across a dreamy slate

Steps, slow and cold
Cares that slowly fold
Inside each desire
There’s only me to hold

As I pull up to my feet
I’m broken in the mirror

Tears can tell a tale
Hopes hanging by a nail
Lost in this abyss
As needs are turning stale

I need a way to stand
Defeat has stained my hands
Never looking back
One step without a plan

A need for something more
I need something again

The crack inside the wall
The cover of my fall
Can’t see or believe
It’s a walk, or a crawl

A shade inside the seam
As my eyes still beam
Looking through the mess
I have one final scream

A scream that’s silent still
The day I lost my voice

Web of Shredded Dreams

A web of shredded dreams
Imprints along my mind
Left as lost reminders
Broken past is there to find

Every breath I breathe
Like a crack inside the bone
Filled with endless pain
A path I walk alone

Tainted hopes, strained desires
Engulfed by loss, rising higher

I feel for the walls
It’s cold and dark
I can’t find my way
Each step without a heart

It’s cold and I don’t care
Broken and I’m bare
I face the world still
And I can’t find my way

Lend a hand so I may see
This is far too much for me

A Reaper Of Misguided Time

The emptiest whispers
Cast the greatest shadows
They wrap inside the mind
Haunting a soul for hours

Insecurity spreads like fire
A poison without cure
This flame is set to burn
I’d know, it lasts a while

Nature’s fine design
A road in firm decline

And so it begins…

Eyes tainted, unforgiving
A heart, tired of living
The refusal to give in
With a hymn of discipline

Carving stories to a stone
For when I am alone
Looking back to see
That I did this once before

The loss is paralyzing
Yet, I find the time to breathe

Each step spreads a message
Each day a symbol made
Each day I try to live
It’s one life I try to save

As darkness spreads around me
It ties me in a knot
Memories are what remain
The thoughts we have forgot

You are the prayer to my thoughts
The drive that pushes me

Two eyes may ache forever
Watching all that shouldn’t be
Standing by with a hope
For a chance to believe

Until that moment makes way
As time takes me apart
The drive inside will burn
As I hold you in my heart

As darkness overcomes me
Loss stains my every step

I stand, a reaper of misguided time