Our Nature to Believe

It’s our nature to be condemned
Our nature to lose our voice
And forget about who we are

It’s our nature to pretend
Our nature to wear masks
When people are so unaccepting

It’s our nature to resist
Our nature to casts words
With actions to create a voice

It’s our nature to lose our way
Our nature to get lost
Yet find our way in the end

We speak in riddles
Emotions trap us
Fear confines us
Insecurity is our splinter

Yet in the darkest time

We believe in ourselves
Believe we can break
The overthrow of conflict

We believe enough to stand
Believe that standing tall
Sends a message of survival

We believe in holding on
Believe in casting a grip
A quest to see things to their end
We survive in being broken

Stitching our wounds
Mending our thoughts
Breathing gains with losses
An exchange defining balance

It’s our nature to press forward
We believe with each step
We can cast change with hopeful wish

Things can heal and become something more



Loss adrift
Broken bliss

Lost inside
Yet alive

Cold ensnares
Empty air

In defeat

Empty still
Without will

Fade away
Now, today

Five Miles from a Moment

Five miles from a moment
That door of chance is closing
You could not convince me
To see another way

The break of day is passing
This sorrow everlasting
And still I stand here saying
“All will be okay”

The moments that are missing
The autumn air is whistling
That reach inside when words
Are never there to say

When it comes to the night
When it’s just you and me
I could quote forever yet
Still need you to believe

When the doors are closing
Don’t leave us never knowing
If and when the day should past
What could be and what could last

It’s the time we take a chance
Things have a chance bloom
Close your eyes and make a wish
Mine will stand to see you soon


The weight keeps on pressing
It keeps the second guessing
It’s the fear that you find
A collage of past times
And the need to be okay

The pain that you can’t blink away
I will face with you today

Inside’s a prison of lost hopes
Beyond things most will ever know
The break inside that’s filled with pride
A heart that beats with endless sigh

Guarded with a need
Yet it has given up on all

I’ll take your hand and lend an ear
When you’re in need, I’ll be near
The constrict of pain may leave a stain
Yet I will see what’s underneath

Time may rob you of endless chance
Living life from a second glance
It may break you and wear you thin
Yet I will stand by anyway

Take a breath, let it rest
It doesn’t have to be this way
A moment we pass, a moment we build
As we take it day to day

Take a moment to see you’re special
Close your eyes and learn to hope

Alone is All I am

Bury me
Make believe
Churn this pretend
I can see
I can blend
But I cannot amend
The sins inside
Tears I’ve cried
It’s just gotta be
When living isn’t living
It’s just misery

The past tied to me
Hooks deep in my flesh
It scrapes and it burns
Until nothing is left
Until all you see
Is what’s left of a smile
Coated deep, broken still
The taste of denial

These pains eat me
Strip me down to the bone
Whipping me, breaking me
Until I’m alone
These words won’t matter
They’re caught in the air
Without an ear, just a fear
As my heart begins to tear

If there was something, anything
To bring me alive
I’d crack an eye but remain
Dead inside
This sickness inside
Rots me to the core
I’d tell you the rest but
Can’t take anymore

I can take your hand
With a smile of denial
I can taste the air
The pain and flood of despair
I can take the step
Until there is nothing left
In the end I’m alone
Alone is all that I am